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Marion County Solar Installation

Why Install Solar Panels at Your Home or Business in Marion County?

Switching to solar power offers many advantages for home and business owners. Embracing solar energy not only reduces your carbon footprint, it also translates into substantial long-term savings by significantly lowering your electricity bills. In Oregon, tax incentives and rebates are in place to make the initial investment more affordable, giving homeowners control over their energy production and contributing to a sustainable future.


Why Use Sunpath Services?

  • Local Company: We provide installation services for everyone across Marion County, spanning from Woodburn to Stayton and Salem to Aurora .

  • Energy Trust Incentives and State Rebates: Sunpath Services is a Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon and is registered with the Oregon Department of Energy to offer their Solar + Storage rebate program to our customers.

  • Fantastic Google Reviews: Satisfied system owners speak volumes about the quality of our services. Explore the positive experiences shared on Google Reviews by our customers to understand why Sunpath Services stands out.

  • Transparent Process: At Sunpath Services, we believe in transparency. Our process is clear and straightforward, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the proposed system, project costs and expected performance.

  • Free System Design and Project Estimate: Experience the convenience of a free system design and project estimate, delivered to your inbox within 24 hours. We value your time and aim to provide you with the information you need promptly.

Is Solar in Oregon Worth It?

Yes, solar in Oregon is highly effective. Despite the region's reputation for overcast weather, solar panels can still generate significant power. Advances in technology, coupled with supportive policies and incentives, make solar a viable and efficient energy solution for homes and businesses in Oregon!


By providing details about your location and current electricity consumption, we can assess the feasibility of solar energy at your site and furnish you with cost-related information for installing solar panels. Additionally, we offer complimentary on-site evaluations to further understand your specific needs. Reach out to us – let's explore the potential of solar for your property!

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